Boy Moscow. Cold War Exploits and Adventures

Autobiography: Cold War, historical, political & military. By Kevin Paul Scarrott.

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The first book about the Cold War written from the perspective of a young boy deeply entangled in the volatile stand-off.

It’s the height of the Cold War. Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev is presiding over the country as general secretary.
Against this backdrop, a fourteen-year-old British boy roams Moscow unhindered. Adventure is the name of the game. Follow Kevin Paul Scarrott as he plays East against West, entangling himself in the tension and exploiting every opportunity.

Boy Moscow Synopsis

Since the age of twelve, Kevin Paul Scarrott has had to fend for himself. When his father, a military attaché, takes up a post at the British embassy in Moscow during the Cold War, the boy is forced to shuttle between school in the West and his family in the East. Isolated and neglected, Kevin Paul turns to crime. Sasha, a manipulative Moscow local, gaslights and grooms him, and the boy spends three years supplying his terrifying minder with illicit contraband.

But amid the commuting and misdoings, Kevin Paul manages to have some fun. Alexander, a streetwise Bulgarian, introduces him to Moscow’s delights and intricacies. And Jana, a Czechoslovakian beauty and his first love, turns his world upside down with her erudite charm. Throughout his escapades in the USSR, Kevin Paul is wooed by a diverse array of cultivated, distinguished people who in many ways shape his future.

As the boy gains tactical abilities and confidence, he increases his powers of perception, leading him to discover that the KGB has bugged his father’s apartment. The ensuing consequences culminate in a perilous tit for tat between the Soviets and the British—and a potentially catastrophic endgame for Kevin Paul.

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The last time I saw Philby, during a performance of Swan Lake in 1971, he looked a little peaky. I wanted to mention the marvellous spa treatments down in Odessa and Yalta that Keith had told me about. Unfortunately, the third-call bell rang, and he was immediately whisked off, champagne glass still in hand, by his minders so they could take their seats before the curtain went up.
page 94

In the meantime, in Moscow, two MI5 agents were ferreting around, dismantling fixtures and ripping up floorboards. Keith was ordered to stay at the embassy all day and late into the evening so as not to provide opportunity for the KGB Watchers to intimidate him.
page 179

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Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity;
whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger.
The two are inseparable.
They go together.

— Earl Nightingale 1921–1989


Join him on his entertaining
and heartwarming
Cold War exploits and adventures



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